Call For Paper

2020 IEEE 4th Information Technology, Networking,Electronic and Automation Control Conference(ITNEC 2020) will be held during March 27-29,2020 at Chongqing China.The aim of ITNEC 2020 is to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academics as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development work in Advanced Information Technology,Networking,Electronics and Automation Control et al.It provides opportunities for the scholars to exchange new ideas and application experiences,to extend business or research networks and to identify global partners for future collaboration.We invite research papers,workshop proposals,and panel proposals in,but not limited to,the following topic areas:

  • Topic 1: Information Technology and Computer Science
    Management Information Systems
    Distributed Computer Systems
    Computer Networks and Communication
    Information Storage
    Trusted Computing and Fault-Tolerant Computing
    Operating Systems
    Software Engineering
    Information Security
    Web Technology
  • Topic 2: Networking
    Computer Networks
    Network Security
    Network Communications
    Biometric Sensors and Identification
    Wearable Technology and Body Sensor Networks
    Brain Informatics Sensing and Processing
    Social Computing, Social Internet of Things and Swarm Intelligence Networks
    Human-centric Cyber-Physical Systems
    Internet of Thinking and Creation
    Crowd Sensing, Sourcing and Wisdom
    Affective Computing
    Brain-Computer Interface/Brain-Machine Interface
    IoP System Modeling, Simulation and Optimization
    e-Learning and MOOCs
    Mobile and Smart Healthcare
    Deep Learning and Urban Computing
    IoP Applications, Implementation,Exploitation and Challenges
    Security, Privacy and Trust Issues in IoP
    IoP Social and Ethical Issues
  • Topic 3: Electronic and Embedded Systems
    Modern Circuit Theory and Applications
    DSP real-time encoding technology and signal
    Computational Electromagnetics and Electromagnetic Simulation Technology
    Micro-optoelectronic Device Technology
    Embedded Systems
    Sensor Research
    Antenna Technology
    RF Components
  • Topic 4: Automation and Control, Intelligent Systems
    NC programming technology
    Mechatronics System Engineering
    Intelligent Instrumentation and Detection Technology
    Automation in Mechanical Manufacturing
    Automation Control Systems
    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    Intelligent System Design
    Intelligent Decision Support
    Intelligent Robots
  • Topic 5: Applied Mathematics, Computational Methods and Algorithms, Data and Signal Processing
    Linear and Nonlinear Programming
    Fuzzy Optimization
    Algorithm design and optimization
    Complex Network Systems Theory and its Applications
    Computer Vision
    Image Processing
    Audio/Speech Processing and Coding
    Signal Processing for Communications